Finding a wheel alignment option to recommend to our clients has proved tricky. So we’re thrilled to now be able to offer our clients wheel alignments, in-house. Adding to our tyre services, that include new tyre sales, tyre fitting and wheel balancing. Our team knows Euro and British vehicles, so understand how your car should be set up and feel when driven, ensuring you get a better wheel alignment service.

What to look for in a wheel alignment specialist

The key to an optimal wheel alignment is an in-depth understanding of the vehicle you’re working on, knowing how they should feel and react when driven. Our team spend all day, every day, repairing, servicing and driving the best marques Europe and Britain have to offer, so can better set your vehicle up for optimum driving performance. Looking beyond the wheel alignment, our team will firstly identify and repair any surrounding issue that could impact the wheel alignment. Then, using the latest wheel alignment equipment, they will ensure your vehicle is driving at its best.

Why is a good wheel alignment important?

An effective wheel alignment reduces fuel consumption and excessive tyre and suspension wear, cutting down on unnecessary vehicle expenses in the future. More rubber contact on the road also provides a comfortable, safer ride for you and your passengers, and enables correct braking and acceleration for overall driving performance.

How much does a wheel alignment cost?

The price for a Euro or British wheel alignment starts at $110 plus GST; this includes a thorough check of the surrounding components to ensure the wheel alignment is effective. If any additional issues are found, the team will discuss these with you and can advise on the time and cost to repair. If your vehicle hasn’t had a wheel alignment check recently, we recommend doing so for a safer, more conformable ride.