The electrical system is critical for the reliability of your European vehicle and can be the cause of many intermittent problems that vehicle owners face. Our team of European car specialists are trained to identify when your vehicle needs an auto electrical repair. We offer a complete range of auto electrical services including alternator repairs and ignition system repairs.

Knowing when you need an automotive electric repair

Electrical problems can be straightforward, like a dead battery, but often they are not as apparent as other vehicle issues and can cause ongoing intermittent concerns. As vehicles become more reliant on their electrical systems to run everything from the climate control to full vehicle entertainment systems, there is more that can go wrong. These extra auto electric systems are often the first to shut down if there is a problem, and they could be a sign of a failing battery or alternator.

Things to look out for that may require an experienced auto electric repairer:

  • Your car won’t start: This is the most obvious auto electric issue and is likely caused by the battery, alternator or starter motor.
  • Damage or leakage on your battery: If you can see corrosion or build-up around the terminals it is probably time for a new battery.
  • Problems with your lights: If your headlights dim while driving, or your brake lights aren’t working, there could be a number of causes. We can quickly identify and fix the problem for you.
  • Electrical systems playing up: Modern cars rely on electrical systems, from seats to windows and full vehicle entertainment systems. These can be a sign of a bigger auto electrical problem that requires repair.

Our Auto Electric Repairs

  • Electrical diagnostics and repairs
  • Alternator repairs and replacement
  • Alternator belt and bearing replacement
  • Ignition system repairs
  • Alternator replacement
  • Faulty starter motors and batteries replaced
  • Diagnose and repair fuel system components (like electronic fuel pumps)
  • Repair and replace electronic fuel injection and ignition systems
  • Run diagnostics on modules such as ABS, SRS airbag systems and electronic steering
  • Body control modules – diagnose and replace/repair
  • Entertainment systems
  • Coding and tuning radios to NZ frequencies

Avoid the ongoing issues that auto electrical repairs can cause. Talk to us today about how our team of European vehicle specialists can help.