We provide quality servicing for all British, European and unique vehicles at out convenient Mt Eden Workshop. As a specialist European repair centre, we draw on our years of experience, using only the best quality oils, parts and filters for the job.

Why is regular servicing so important?

Regular servicing is not only important to ensure the factory recommendations for your vehicle are met, but as a European auto centre with years of experience behind us, regular check-in points enable us to help you maintain your vehicle now, while also helping you plan for what it is likely to need in the foreseeable future. All of our services match, and in most cases, exceed the factory recommendations, fully protecting your European vehicle and its factory or after-market warranty.

Why are oil and filter changes important for better motoring?

An oil and filter change is a key part of our comprehensive service. Oil is essential to lubricate the engine, helping to keep it clean and running smoothly. However, dirt and carbon build up in your car’s engine every day, even when your car is just sitting in the garage. This causes excess wear, compromising engine function and leading to permanent damage. Replacing the engine oil and filter will optimise your car’s performance, increasing both fuel economy and the engine life, while decreasing fuel emissions and engine noise.

When is a service necessary?

All European and British vehicles need regular servicing and maintenance to keep them running at their best. As a specialist European repair centre, we follow your vehicles Service Schedule. Please refer to your owner’s manual or contact us for more information and the service costs for your vehicle.