The transmission is one of the hardest working parts of your vehicle, and it’s often overlooked as part of your vehicles regular maintenance program. Our team have the specialist transmission service tools to maintain your transmission, prolonging its lifespan. And should your European transmission require repair, our team have years of specialist transmission expertise to ensure the job is done right.

Why transmission servicing is important

Adding a transmission service into your European vehicles maintenance routine is critical for prolonging the life of your transmission, avoiding costly issues in the future. Choosing a transmission specialist to carry out your automatic transmission service, or manual gearbox service will ensure that the job is done correctly for your vehicle. An incorrect transmission flush and transmission fluid change can cause more problems down the track, undoing the benefits of the service.

Getting the right diagnosis for your European transmission

As European and British vehicle specialists we have an in-depth knowledge of your vehicle’s systems. This expertise is teamed up with the latest diagnostic scan and scope equipment, ensuring that we can diagnose the problem quickly and promptly. Our team spend the time to get the diagnosis right from the start, so we can get your transmission service or repair sorted quickly, getting you back on the road.

DSG and Tiptronic repairs and servicing

We offer a complete range of transmission servicing and repairs and clutch replacements for DSG and Tiptronic Gearboxes. DSG (or Direct Shift Gearbox) is an electronically controlled, dual clutch, multi-shaft system commonly found in VW and Audi vehicles. Like any system that relies on advanced technology for optimal performance, correct servicing and care is critical. Our team have the specialist tools and expertise to ensure your DSG system is serviced to manufacturer standards. Your DSG system should be serviced every 60,000kms.

Manual Gearbox and clutch repairs

Most modern vehicles have an automatic transmission, but for manual vehicles, including the old classics, our team has the expertise to service, diagnose and repair any issues. That’s because we don’t just rely on testers. Our team use feel and an in-depth understanding of the mechanic motion behind a manual gearbox and clutch to identify any problems and recommend the best course of action for your vehicle.

Signs that your transmission, gearbox or clutch needs attention

Automatic Transmission:

  • Vibration under load (during acceleration or driving uphill)
  • Unexplained revving (flare) in between gear changes
  • A vibration changing into top gear, between 80-100km an hour

Manual Gearbox:

  • Noise during gear changes: This is likely caused by bearing failure, or gear teeth wear. This needs to be looked at promptly to avoid further gearbox issues
  • Difficulty changing gears


  • A slipping clutch: This needs to be looked at promptly to avoid additional issue to an otherwise good gearbox
  • Long travel on the clutch pedal: It is likely the pressure plate is starting to wear
  • A strong smell (similar to rubber-burning)

Talk to our team today about all your transmission repair and service needs, including automatic transmission services, transmission flushes, transmission fluid change, manual gearbox repairs, clutch repairs and replacements.