Cambelt and timing belt replacements are a crucial part of your vehicle maintenance schedule. Delaying their replacement can lead to extensive engine damage, resulting in costly repairs or engine replacements. Our team of European and British vehicle specialists have extensive experience in cambelt and timing belt replacements, and a range of specialist tools to make sure the job is done right.

Why are cambelt and timing belt replacements critical?

Your vehicle’s cambelt, timing belt or timing chain, controls the timing of critical engine functions, opening and closing your engine’s valves to allow gas to pass in and out and stopping the valves from hitting the pistons. If the cambelt breaks, it can cause the sequence of these functions to be thrown out, causing extensive and costly damage to your engine.

When should I replace my cambelt or timing belt?

Knowing when to change a cambelt is an important thing to understand. If you drive your vehicle regularly, we recommend replacing your cambelt or timing belt as per the manufacturers specifications. Atmospheric and environmental conditions can also have an impact, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting in traffic. Talk to our team about your specific vehicle cambelt, timing belt and timing chain replacement needs.

Getting the best result from your cambelt belt replacement

Replacing your cambelt is one part of the job, but we also recommend replacing other components at the same time to ensure the best, long-term outcome for your vehicle. This includes replacing the tensioner and carrying out a water pump replacement, each time your cambelt or timing belt is replaced. Giving you the peace of mind that this crucial system is working at its best.

The right tools for the job

Our European and British vehicle technicians use the best timing tools available, specific to each vehicle brand, ensuring that your timing belt, cambelt and timing chain replacement is carried out with optimal precision.